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“I have learned so much. I am much more confident in my writing ability and I am attending a sci-fi writing course at the end of the year. A few months on I write a blog and am studying for my Highers at school. I leave next summer but the future is something I am now really looking forward to and I am so glad I took part in the Bigger Picture programme"
The Shirlie Project Client
the picture shows our Shirlie Project job coach with a smiling young girl attending our self-confidence programme in the bowling

Bigger Picture

“Bigger Picture” is a programme aimed at young people with autism who may be at risk of becoming socially isolated when leaving school.

We use a personalised I-Plan developed between the young people and who they would like to help with his improving process (parents, cousins, friends…).

We assist young people with autism and their families to:

  • Take more control of their future
  • Be more involved in their communities
  • Gain better access to employment

activity agreement

If you are 16-19 years old, have left the school and feel you need extra support to find work or access further education, “Activity Agreements” might be for you.

Together we will plan fun and practical experiences designed to support learning.

Our aim is to:

  • Help to gain self confidence
  • Improve skills
  • Help to become independent and successful
the picture shows the Shirlie Project programme envolving young people attending our self-confidence programme in the forest


New PROGRAMME 2017/ 2018

At Shirlie Project we have been very busy pulling together new ideas for people who need our support

We have a new programme that we will be starting at the end of 2017. It is so exciting and we cannot wait to share it with you!

Please stay tuned to the website and our social media pages to find out more in due course

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